The Forum for Constituional Rights (FCR) was established in 2020 as a Minnesota public benefit corporation focused on public education about constitutional history and constitutionally guaranteed rights.

FCR’s mission involves publishing projects focused on federal (and state) constitutional matters, and the filing of amicus briefs in important constitutional law cases.  FCR is non-partisan in its focus.

FCR’s founder Matt Ehling has been involved in journalism, public affairs education, public interest litigation, and non-partisan government oversight work for three decades.


The Forum For Constitutional Rights (FCR) is organized as a Minnesota pubilc benefit corporation, organized to pursue a general public benefit by engaging in publishing and legal activites involving constitutionally guaranteed rights secured by the federal and state constitutions of the United States of America.

As a public benefit corporation, FCR files a public report with the State of Minnesota each year.  The report documents FCR’s annual activities.  Read our reports at the links below.

2020 Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation Report

2021 Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation Report

2022 Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation Report